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2 reviews for Off-white Teddy Bear Giant Teddy Bear Big Teddy Bear Best Gift

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    This lumbar support cushion is pretty nice. Even though the dimensions show it to be similar to others, it feels smaller which might make the purchase OK with you, or not. When beginning my search for a new lumbar support cushion, I was certainly a bit shocked as I hadn’t realized just how expensive some have become. I feel the Ziraki Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion to be very well priced and worth every cent paid. I just want others to know beforehand what my experience is in that it feels smaller than it’s actual dimensions – to assist others in their purchasing decision.

    I don’t use the lumbar support in my vehicle since the seats already have adjustable lumbar supports built in. I use it on my over sized recliner in the living room while I watch TV, read books, shop online, or do misc research online. Having had some medical issues over the past year which require a long recovery…I’ve spent more time in my recliner than I care to admit. Having said that, I’m kind of stuck since my recovery comes with quite a bit of fatigue so if I have to rest, then I want to be as comfortable as possible. And adding to the recovery comes some degenerative disc disease which I’ve had for over 15 years and I deal with back pain daily.

    In my search for a new lumbar support cushion, I purposely wanted memory foam. I had a memory foam pillow on my office chair and I really liked it and thought it worked well. I came across this cushion, reviewed it’s dimensions and ended up purchasing it thinking it would be the solution to my forced relaxation. Unfortunately, it does not seem as large as I had expected. The dimensions listed ARE CORRECT but it must be something with it being memory foam that makes it feel smaller than our old lumbar cushion (which, admittedly, was squished and flattened over the years). It just feels slightly smaller.

    The memory foam is great and once I get it smashed into my lumbar spine area, the support is great. But it feels like the sides are not as supported as I had hoped and given that the dimensions match that of my older non-memory foam support,I can only come to the conclusion that it is the fact that it is memory foam. I know that all sounds foolish and perhaps unbelievable, but it is how it feels. Just for reference, I am a rather slender gal at 125 lbs and 5’7". That gives you an idea of how you might gauge if this cushion will work for yourself.

    I do not regret my purchase, though, and believe it is a very well made lumbar support cushion. In fact, the quality is excellent. I like the availability of the strap on the back in the event I might want to use this on the office chair in our home. I also like the carrying handle on the side; it comes in handy while carrying it from one place to another. And I like that it came in it’s own carrying bag should I want to use it in a vehicle or take it to someones house where we might be visiting for more than an hour or two. I’ve not yet needed to launder the cushion covering but it’s an added benefit to be able to remove the cover when the need arises…not something I could do with my old support cushion. I do want others to know that although the cushion may feel very stiff when you first starting to use it, remember it is memory foam and it will conform to your body shape. I purchased this about one month ago and can honestly say it conforms faster now than it had when I first began using it. So if you find it to be a tad bit too firm for you when you first get it home, give it a chance and with use, it will conform to your shape more quickly.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Yo yo Gogo

    Nice quality and colors. Soft and squishy. My one year old loves it, and it’s almost as big as her. Great price too!

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