Off-white Teddy Bear Giant Teddy Bear Big Teddy Bear Best Gift

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10 Inches, 16 Inches, 20 Inches


Chanukah, Christmas, Fall, Father's Day, Halloween, Mother's Day, New Year, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day


Adorkable, Cheery


Back To School, Birthday, Get Well, Graduation, Just Because, New Baby, Prom, Sympathy, Wedding & Anniversary

2 reviews for Off-white Teddy Bear Giant Teddy Bear Big Teddy Bear Best Gift

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    4-star is" I like it," 5-star is "I love it." Yes, I do like it. I use this everyday and it’s helluvalot better than not having it. Still, there is no improvement with the pain in my lower back. I guess I was being unrealistic about the relief I was expecting. I’m certain that in today’s day and age, someone will create a product that brings significant and substantial relief to my lower back. When that happens, I will give it a 5+star rating. To companies that create products like this: please do not stop researching and developing improvements. We need your hard work to make life easier for those of us with difficulties.

    As for the product, the cushion is holding up to significant use. I’m in week three. It has not squashed down and lost its support, even after everyday use in an office chair during the week, and on a tractor over the weekend. I even use it at the dinner table. So it’s used at least 8 hours a day. It’s still as comfortable to sit on as the day I received it. The cover slides out of place but is easy to set back. All you do is place your palm on both sides of the cushion and move your hards in opposite directions. I am having a thin outer cover made to cover the cushion and cover, because as I use this outdoors it will eventually get very dirty. The cover that comes with the unit has a soft suede finish. Should be easy to clean as it has a zipper and probably won’t shrink with wash/dry.

    The size of the cushion is just a tad larger than what I need, so it should fit under a man with a waist size up to about 36. If you are bigger than that, I would contact the company and see what they have to say. It seems to be made with some kind of closed cell foam, but it’s lighter than what you are probably thinking. It’s firm but very comfortable when you sit on it. This is a big improvement over a foam wedge I used for the last three years. It’s definitely worth trying and finding out for yourself if it brings you relief.

    After writing this review, I went back and changed my rating to 5-stars because I definitely would go out and purchase another one, if I lost it.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    It is what it is advertised to be – it stands a great chance of being chosen as a lovey if your little one likes Elmo a lot. It is the kind of toy that is a lovey for a long time and gets all nasty with drool and you keep throwing it in the washing machine and buy duplicates just in case. Very soft and smushy.

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