Modern Novelty Tensile Folding Chair Waterproof Space-Saving Crush Resistance Kraft Paper Board Stool Can Bear 300 Kilograms with One Cushion as Gift


  • Size-01:11”x6”x1”(folded), Size-02:13.5”x6”x1”(folded), Size-03:16.5”x7”x1”(folded), Size-04:19.5”x7.5”x1”(folded)
  • Tensile-Elasticity: This Product Can Be Stretched to 100CM
  • Super Carrying Capacity, Can Carry 300Kg Weight
  • Long Service Life, Durable, Use Period can be 3 To 5 Years
  • Moistureproof Waterproof, Processed With Some Technology, Paper Surface with Water Resistance
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This paper made chair is very creative, interesting and eco-friendly. You can easily open it to be a chair and collapse it be a thin board. It has an accordion body made in lightweight material – kraft paper and is easy to carry and move. If you do not open it, it saves space. If your friend pays a sudden visit, it is a quick individual sofa. You can also take it with your trip and seat at any stop. It is not only a simple chair but also a perfect home decor and wonderful gift. The paper material is specially made and can prevent water away.

Below are the product parameters:

  • Design: Deformation art
  • Material: Paper, Belt & Magnet(in the sideboard)
  • Style: Modern & Simple
  • Function: Multi-function
  • Furniture structure: Frame
  • Special features: Accordion & Waterproof
  • Alert: Keep away from fire.
  • Accessories: Cattail stem cushion for free