Stuffed Sofa Toys Backrest Seat for Babies 2138#

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1 review for Stuffed Sofa Toys Backrest Seat for Babies 2138#

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Max S.

    **Update: Moose is such a hit, we have 3 of them now. He loves Moose more than most of his other toys. We even got a few other cozy kongs, but nope, just Moose. He knows it by name. Loves to toss it around or just sit there gnawing at it. Moose was so great, we got lamb. But lamb has a bit of long fur on it’s tail and neck. This was instantly recognized by our diligent little dog as abnormal, thus needing immediate removal. So we had to take lamby away until she gets a haircut. **

    Our new older dog is not a chewer (we are so lucky.)

    He is very reluctant to put anything in his mouth. We have bought those rubber kongs (he just licks them a few times to humor us) and rope toys (he’ll chew for a second but then tries to teeth on the edges like he is flossing with it.)

    We got one of this brand (with rope in it as a skeleton) at the store when he was having a stressful day (groomer did not dry him completely and he is a very fluffy dog) and he got a little of his anger out on it. It looks like he is tossing it around and tearing it apart, but this is just a facade. He actually was unstitching the cute patches that were sewn onto that bear. Nothing else is altered, though most of it is soaked. How does he do this? I do not know, but he seems to use his little tiny teeth ever so delicately. At first he was frightened by the squeak toy inside, but now this gets him motivated to work to find and squeak it on his own.

    This seamstress dog of ours needed to not go around unstitching things, so we tried this. Well, this moose is ever so delicately groomed by the dog. He does not chew it, but proceeds to comb out all the "fur" with his teeny teeth. Moose is soaked and well combed out upon inspection. Granted he does like the bear more than the moose most of the time, as the bear has threads to undo, moose does end up a (sopping wet) well-groomed moose rather frequently.

    It’s great that he will actually use this moose.

    He just got two of his little teeth taken out as they were fractured, but I expect when he is allowed to eat hard things and use toys again, he will work around the fact that some of his teeth are missing to play with this toy.

    Based on the moose being a normal looking stuffed animal, I would think that a dog that chews at all would have it disassembled in a short time.

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