Stuffed Sofa Toys Backrest Seat for Babies 2141#

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1 review for Stuffed Sofa Toys Backrest Seat for Babies 2141#

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Careful ‘n Selective

    It is rare when my dog does NOT like a toy.

    Subject: 5 Year Old, Male, OES (Old English sheepdog)
    Destructibility factor – on a 1 – 10, he rates a 5

    When presented with his new Kong Baily the Dog stuffed squeaker toy, he was quite excited and his tail was wagging. He did his customary enthusiastic laps throughout the house, toy in mouth, and then settled down on his bed to play. Unfortunately, Baily the stuffed dog held his interest for only 15 minutes, and since that time, he has a limited amount of interest.

    This is unusual because usually my dog will play until the squeaker has been completely removed, which usually takes a day. Then he will continue to toss the doll, run after it, shake it in his mouth, eventually tossing in back up in air and again run after it. A stuffed squeaky toy generally lasts 2 – 3 weeks before all the stuffing falls out and it then it is thrown away.

    I think this toy is not as successful for a few reasons. There seems to be only one small squeaker, and it is sewn into the thickest part of the doll body. The other reason could be that it is a short sounding squeaker, and it is very, very quiet, barely audible. This may have been a defective squeaker, my dog continually tried chomping down on the area of the noise trying hard to make the squeak and he did not get the reward of anything loud or long, but he has taken it out of his toy basket, to give it another try.

    I think Baily, the blue dog Kong doll is going to last a little longer than his usual squeaky dolls, and I know that he would have liked it more if the squeaky was louder. I will definitely buy another Kong, because they seem to be well made, it is just that this particular one must have a defective squeaker.

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