• Jennifer June:

    Perfect! My boys love it! ..More

  • Rose Morang:

    Pillow cover is nice and heavy with a zipper. Good value for the price. ..More

  • Kimberly:

    Bought for my sister and she LOVED it! This is more for the fun of the look than practical use obviously, folks should stop complaining! ..More

  • 7:

    Why can’t i get free stuff to write a review. Come on America I like free stuff too :(. It’s a good deal BTW ..More

  • Jobeth:

    One of my 9 year old’s favorite plushies. Perfect for a huge Dan TDM fan! ..More

  • TeSoLa:

    I have the same ones in white in my bedroom. I wanted to add a Lil texture too my sofa. It got the job done ..More

  • Patriot:

    Eyeballs fall off within minutes, otherwise they are fun. I had to sew them back on, both of them, lots of double stitching, let’s see if it holds. Only thing holding eyes ball on is a very thin strip of felt paper. It basically shreds soon as you touch it or start running around. ..More

  • Elizabeth J Pierro:

    THIS LITTLE BEAR IS SO SOFT AND CUDDLY. It is so very soft, and the right size for a one year old.. or girlfriend, wife. The eyes are sewn in and cant’s be bitten off. ..More

  • Jan:

    Came right on time & I’ve slept a lot better since I got this! ..More

  • Carol Mc2:

    Bought this monkey and the Bedtime Originals Elephant to decorate the beverage table at a baby shower and then gave them as gifts to the Grandparents to be for their nursery. Both the monkey and giraffe are so soft and cuddly – and so well-made! Would much rather decorate with something that can be used for a long time, rather than paper decorations that often only have one use. Will definitely buy again! ..More

  • Sam:

    I love listening to Darth breathing ..More

  • JanisK:

    very nice size and quality ..More

  • Jackie Twinam:

    I purchased two of these pillows for my nieces for Christmas since they always use an emoji with practically everything they do, whether it’s texting or posting something on social media. They absolutely loved these pillows. The colors are very bright, and the pillows are super soft. The stitching also seems very well done, so they should last for quite a while. The price is also a great deal since I saw someone selling them at the mall for over twice the price. They were also shipped very quick, and they arrived several weeks before their expected date. This was a full price purchase for me, and it was definitely worth buying. ..More

  • Ray Knapp:

    We had to return the first one that we received because thread around the mouth area was open. So got a second one. Our son likes it and we like how colorful it is. It’s a very cute toy. The music is very good too. But the only concern that we have is there’s no way that we can change the battery on this. ..More

  • evaline:

    Perfect gift for a newborn baby. Even has cloth eyes so you don’t have to worry about them being a choking hazard. I bought this bear for my godson when he was born. Not only did I want to keep him but the mommy loved it and wanted to "steal" him from the baby. ..More

  • Ruth:

    Items not as pictured. Octopus has kissing face and shrimp had weird winking face . Wished this was more accurately reflected. ..More

  • flip/flop:

    Bought Philbin for a daughter of a friend and the little girls eyes just opened wide. Well worth the money for that special little one or that special lady in your life. That was Philbin 2. There super soft and just have a wonderful expression. My wife travel for work and Philbin gets stuck going as cargo. He has held up very well. He is a year old and still looks brand new. Yes he is 12 too 1 inch sitting down, but his full length is 18 inchs. ..More

  • Eileen:

    This is so cuddly & flexible. The arms wrap around your neck and it’s the perfect size. I gave it to someone healing from trauma and it is a welcome addition. I will purchase again as a gift. LOVE IT!!!!! Treat yourself to a bear hug. (They did a great job shipping it in a timely & professional manner.) Highly recommend! ..More

  • Richi:

    I purchased this caterpillar to replace a teddy bear that my 2 year old had from birth. She was very rough on Teddy, soothing herself by biting its face, eyes and nose. As a result, Teddy didn’t last even the full 2 years. We’re having a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed birthday party for her this year, and so I thought this might work for a replacement lovey. The second I put it into her little hands, it was up to her face getting kisses. Then she was making it "eat" everything in sight. She LOVES the new friend, and has not asked for Teddy back. I love how soft it is, and there are no parts that could come off that would pose a choking hazard. It seems very durable and is holding up well against biting, pulling, dragging, and especially hugging! ..More

  • Holly Kingston:

    I purchased this for my 1 year old for his birthday. He loved it! The bear came in an easy to open box, and it was exactly what I expected. The fur is a little shaggy, and very soft, it covered the eyes more than is shown in the picture, but I loved it. Very happy with my purchase! ..More

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