Tips On Choosing The Perfect Decorative Cushions

Decorating is something a lot of us want to do occasionally. But not many of us have the resources to carry out house painting, add an expensive artwork or do a total rearrangement. A smart way to save money is to consider throw pillows. These are pillows with different shapes, sizes, design patterns and materials. It is not easy making the right decision when trying to buy these cushions pillows. This even more tedious if you’re buying online, with hundreds of options available for you to choose from. If you’re in this kind of situation, here are very important tips for you to consider, helping you make the right decision.

The number of pillows you need

When decorating with couch pillows, it is important you know how many you want to buy. Knowing this at the onset will ensure that you get the right combinations that will most suites your decoration plan. Some people are of the opinion that choosing an odd number like5or 7 are the best. This may not always be true. You can buy 4 or 6 pillows, with identical patterns, and use it to uplift your idle couch. Make sure you buy enough pillows because, not enough pillows may mean that you will have to adjust your initial design concept.

Pillow size

The size of the pillows you want to buy should be determined by the size of your sofa. If you have a large sofa, you should consider getting pillows with much bigger size. This is to ensure their fullness on the couch so that they can really have a solid impact. Small pillows on big sofa will not have any meaning. So also big pillows on small couch may look like an oversized teddy bear taking over the whole space. You will need to move it over before you can sit comfortably, and that is not good at all. Consider the average pillows size of 16×18 by 16×18; they look standard and will work for so many sofa sizes.


The fillings in the pillows determine a lot about their future. Pillows with very good fillings – like goose down – will last and will take a very long time before they go flat. But they are expensive compared to synthetic, foam and feather fillings. Before buying, any pillows, ask yourself what you want to do with it. Are you going to be leaning on it? Do you just want them to stay in one position for decorative purposes? If they are going to be physically handled, then you should try saving any money. Buy the high quality ones that will last long. It’s not nice to buy pillows, only for them to flatten out, looking like old rags, after a few weeks. Wedge Pillow with cheap fillings can work when you just want to use them for decorative purposes.


Another thing to consider when buying couch pillows is the shape. Generally, there are about four types of pillows shapes; these are bolster, rectangle, square and round. The type of sofa you have and the material it is made from and what you’ll be doing with the pillow should be the major determinant of the wedge pillow shape you should be purchasing. If you’re going to be resting or leaning on the pillows a lot you should consider square pillows because of their ability to support body weight. If your sofa is made from leather, you should consider bolster shaped pillows, since they can help support give you a solid lumbar support. Rectangular pillows on the other hand are perfect for supporting your neck and head when sitting on the couch.


Yet again, the colors of the sofa pillow you are buying should be determined by the color of your sofa. The basic idea here is to buy pillows with contrasting colors that will bring out the each distinct color. But make sure the colors are not two off, so your decoration doesn’t look odd. You need to buy a mixture of solid colors and patterns. You’ll be using these solid colors at the extreme ends and then supporting them with the ones with patterns. Make sure the patterned pillows have colors that can pull in the color of the sofa and present a superb décor effect. Try choosing pillows with neutral colors, like white and cream. These will make the sofa bold and less boring for the eyes.

You should also consider what material your pillow is made from. There is velvet, cotton, silk and so on. Your choice should be determined by your initial decoration idea and what you plan to do with them. Choose a solid pattern and ensure that whatever you do, you put the color, size and material of your sofa in consideration. Cheap pillows are good for mere decoration, but ifyou’re going to be leaning on them, buy the more durable ones that will last longer.

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